Madison Marketing Musings

Social Media and the Summer Vacation Part 1

I recently spent time on vacation - and learned that there are ways to continue using social media even while on vacation, and using social media apps in a big city is a VERY different experience than in a small city. Part 1 of a series.

The Radio Shack case study - a marketing campaign that doesn't work for this customer

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How are college students using Social Media? Are they interacting with businesses via these channels?

MMC's college intern shares her insights with how college students are using social media as both a way to interact with peers AND as a way to interact with businesses. Perhaps not surprisingly, college students exhibit their own way of using social media.

The ultimate recipe for networking: Social Media + In Person + the Handwritten Note

All the rage today is about social media. And it is an amazing tool. Yet, combining it with something very simple and straightforward and unique - like a handwritten note - really makes you stand out and be remembered.

A real life political example of how to use Twitter (and how not to). Russ Feingold, you are a true example!

Twitter is all about joining in a conversation.

It is not effectively used as a megaphone (which, truth be told, is how I used it until I figured it out). It does not work well as a one-way channel to communicate ideas.

Rather, Twitter

is ideal for sharing words or articles of wisdom, and for reaching people and communicating with them in a way that is both more casual and more public than an email.