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The Go Daddy Apology. No Apology Actually Needed.....but Thank You. You Earned My Trust.

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A real life example of how to use social media and traditional marketing to overcome a negative comment

An article spotted in the NY Times gives the author an idea of what a marketer could do to overcome a negative comment by an environmentalist about cloth diapers. There is a huge opportunity to turn this into a positive turn of events!

Social media and the vacation to large metropolitan areas + what this means for how I use social media/Foursquare - (part 3)

Do you use social media in your hometown? Have you found it a different experience when you use it in a less familiar city? I share my thoughts and insights based on what I learned during a recent trip....

Social Media and the Vacation + Learnings About Foursquare (Part 2)

I recently spent time on vacation and I became more reflective about Social Media. Why am I doing it? And in particular, I looked at my usage of Foursquare.