Madison Marketing Musings

Social Media....and a cause. Please help spread the word and let's make a difference.

Make a difference this holiday season - "like" the MMC FB page and money will be donated to the chartitable cause. Plus, you will get some great marketing-related content in return!

And a happy Thanksgiving to all .... + some holiday marketing inspiration from New York City.

This is the time of year when everyone is busy - and it is hard to reach consumers with marketing. Here a restaurant in NYC succeeds in grabbing my attention while they use a great cause-marketing campaign to also do good for those who need it. Inspiring!

Ensure your messaging is on target - the lesson behind preserving our city's lakes. (You may not realize your message is completely off the mark!)

Getting the correct messaging out to your audience is crucial - and at the same time is easy to mess up. What is obvious to you may not be obvious to others. Here is an example of lakes in my community that missed the mark in my mind!

Marketing for Non-Profits - What you can do to make it more strategic and effective

The world on non-profit communications is especially tricky - often times, business practices do not dictate what happens. But there are some steps that these groups can take to get their marketing on-track -and on-track quickly!

Millennials and their obsession with social media

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