Madison Marketing Musings

Marketing, advertising, and the emotion behind it - a great example

There are some key pharses I hear myself using quite a bit these days as I talk about effective communciations with clients - these include messaging, audience, emotion, story, call to action. I found a great example from Gatorade to help make my point.

Social Media and its role in the political happenings in Madison, Wisconsin – plus 6 important social medial lessons

Lots has been going on politically in Madison, WI in the last couple of weeks. But from a social media standpoint, what are the observations and lessons learned? Putting politics aside, here is one marketer's take!

Social media in 2011 - how to get to the next level (Part 1: some mistakes you can - and should - avoid)

There are ways to use social media correctly - and things you should avoid doing. Part 1 explores some all-too-common-mistakes people make today when using social media tools like LinkedIn and Twitter.

Marketing Lessons from the Man with the Golden Voice (Ted Williams!) – Social Media, Online, PR and more

By now, most of the world has heard of Ted Williams. A week ago he was begging on the side of the road, unknown to anyone except for those who may have noticed him as he solicited handouts at an intersection. What can marketers learn from this story?

Social media, cause marketing, and happy new year!

MMC is looking for help determining the charity to support, as a result of the Social Media with a Cause campaign - please provide your input!