Madison Marketing Musings

I'm talking directly with Peggy Olson from Mad Men - and other reasons why I love Twitter so much

These days, I am talking directly to Peggy Olson (from Mad Men) - yes, that is right, the circa 1965 fictional character who works at a big Madison Avenue advertising agency. And it is thanks to Twitter that all this is possible. Find out why this social media tool is so powerful, and how you can use it to create new connections. (Don Draper, anyone??)

5 great branding tricks the W Hotel chain uses well - and the 1 key element they are missing

The W Hotel chain has a great brand, and provided a great experience during a recent stay in Chicago. But there was one key element - an element having to do with social media - that was a "miss" in the eyes of this marketer. See if you agree.

The Most Annoying Uses of Social Media - 3 ways to misuse Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn

There are CORRECT ways to use social media, and many INCORRECT ways to use it. I've learned by observing and experimenting: auto-feeds may be convenient, but they likely don't reach your target audience in the way you intend.
Here are 3 important considerations in figuring out the best way to execute your social media strategy.

How are college students using Social Media? A 2011 update

College students are huge users of social media - but who better to hear this from than a college student herself. Find out a bit of the inside scoop of college student usage of this emerging communications tool!!

Price Anchoring, Human Psychology and Groupon.....and is there a Customer Guilt Factor to Consider?

Groupon is an interesting concept - you have the "Group" and the "Coupon" together to make a new way of marketing and/or advertising. In many cases, however, it appears this is not a good way for a business to try to attract customers. And there is also the behavior economics consideration to consider. Yes, the human psychology. I've been reading up on this.....