Madison Marketing Musings

Social media spring cleaning

Spring is a great time to take stock of your social media and do some "spring cleaning" as needed. MMC takes a look at the major social medial channels and provides some insight and ideas on what is hot, and what is, perhaps, not.

Got Memes? Learn more about this popular aspect of social media from a college student's perspective - and how these work

Got memes? Memes (pronounced meems) are a series of preset images with designated text formats and personalities - these are representative of what’s popular in today’s culture. Learn from MMC's (young, 20-something) intern their role in social media, and how memes fit into the lives of college students.

Don't forget the strategic side of social media: 3 ways to incorporate tactics successfully with your strategy

Social media isn't just about tactics - there is a strategic side as well. And it's not complicted. Here are 3 straightforward ways you can elevate your social media to make it more effective and ensure it has greater impact.

Add value to your ask - a must-do for non-profits, businesses of all sizes and for life in general

Lessons from the Salvation Army - learn how to provide value and get your target audience to open their wallet. Lessons for non-profits and businesses alike!!

One more reason I question if Google+ will make it

Google+ is getting a lot of attention these days - and not always the good kind. The social media channel is at the point where it really needs to start to take off if it ever is going to (maybe the intro of business page will help). But I got a very surprising email the other day that really makes me wonder if they ever will "get it together." See if you agree or if you have different thoughts.