Madison Marketing Musings

Happy marketing in the new year ..... what a wild and crazy past year it’s been. MMC’s top 10 observations as 2013 begins!

Marketing is changing technologies and mediums to communicate with target audiences are introduced all the time, yet many traditional marketing elements are more important than ever. Get MMC's take on where 2012 finished up and where we are headed in the marketing industry for 2013 - and see if you agree or have other ideas.

The unsolicited email this marketer was happy to receive

It is not too often that I am happy to get an an email, soliciting my business, from a company where I haven't requesed to be on their email list.

But in this case, I was all too glad to get a

Social media and the Olympics - and the strategic use of Twitter by Jordyn Weiber (reining women's gymnastics All-Around World Champion)

Social media is having a huge impact on the Olympics, in many ways. Athletes have been expelled from the Games due to tweets, and many have been criticized for their comments on social media. And one US gymnast perhaps used Twitter strategically to assure her coaches she was mentally OK before a bit team competition.

An important and basic marketing lesson – be true to who you are

All companies and brands need to communicate who they are, and what they do - and they need to be authentic and true to the messaging they get out there.
Sounds simple, right? Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't.
MMC looks at a real life example of a business that is very blunt about what they are - and AREN'T. All in a good way.

Marketing professional and their relationship with clients - the way it should truly work (with a nod to Eataly in NYC)

In the best working relationships, collaboration is paramount. In the world of marketing, this is absolutely the case. Eataly (NYC) has a sign that really caught our eye - which was the inspiration behind this post about the best type of relationships between clients and marketing professionals.