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Starbucks & the Loyalty Program: Not Quite "Getting It"

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Facebook: the Meshing of Personal Friends and Clients

When I first jumped into social media some time ago, I made an unofficial decision to separate my business and my personal databases – basically I wanted to have a firewall in place. Twitter was for business purposes, Facebook was for personal pu

rposes. I didn’t want my business contacts to know some of the more personal details of life. (And really, I didn’t think they’d care.)

The Catalog

I just received the latest Patagonia catalog. Even though I don't recall the last time I purchased a Patagonia item, this 64 page guide to the past is sitting on the table next to my bed.

What makes this catalog blog-worthy? (and why is my h

Welcome to a new world of communications

Madison Marketing Communications, aka Laurel Cavalluzzo, is pleased to introduce the MMC blog. This will be an opportunity to expand on everything going on in the world that is related to communciations.....and, well, that is a pretty broad ca