Madison Marketing Musings

The Power of a Thank You (Part 1)

Communications are a very powerful thing - when used well. And a thank-you - especially a handwritten one - today has the power to make the recipient stop and take notice, and say 'wow'. Read our latest blog post for ideas on how to make this work for your business (and personal life too!).

Social Media to Promote a Cause: A girl in a hospital, with the dream of a band visit for inspiration

Social media is a huge way to help promote a cause. MMC just learned about one girl's goal to meet a popular band - we'll know in coming days if the social media prowess of many is enough to encourage some special visitors to come to the Madison Children's Hospital.

The Pope and the power of a brand and a brand transformation

The branding of a person - it is an interesting concept. We can't think of anyone who has to establish his brand as quickly as he must do. Let's look at Pope Francis and how he has done in the short about of time since he assumed his huge role.....and we start to wonder if this is starting to change brand perception of the Catholic Church.

Mistakes will happen on Social Media - fess up, move on, show you are strong

Yes, mistakes can and DO happen on social media channels. But there are ways to recover from these errors and look better than ever. Here is a great example of one, from a powerhouse social media company itself. Look and learn - MMC provides its own commentary on lessons gleaned.

Milio’s Billboard Campaign – it catches the eye….but is it the right message? Two opinions from MMC

If you live in certain parts of the midwest, it's hard to miss the Milio's "you deserve a great sandwich" campaign. One can argue some of the snapshots seen in the campaign are funny - but someone could also argue that some just go too far. Here are two takes on the campaign - one from a recent college grad, and one is from someone else, who, ahem, graduated from college a while ago. Some highlights from the campaign are showcased in the blog (in case you haven't seen these ads) regardless of where you live, you can weigh in with what you think.