Madison Marketing Musings

The integration of social media into packaging – it can be done. (Well. And effectively.)

How on earth do you get more of our loyal customers and brand advocates on social media?  So many companies many companies fail to do this well.

It really is the ongoing, never ending question and quest of marketers.  The messaging we all see everywhere, most often presented in a boring, uninspired way, is to "join the conversation on XYZ social media channel."

Boring. Zzzzzzzz.

Yep, most of us glaze over and don't do anything with the brand on social media.

MMC in 2015 - New Opportunities on the Horizon

2015 is bringing a great deal of change to Madison Marketing Communications - all very good things.

In late 2014, Laurel, Founder and President of MMC, moved with her family from Madison, WI to Doylestown, PA (~30 miles north of Philly).

So let's start with the geography - here is a side by side comparison of where Madison is located vs. Doylestown.


The amazing difference packaging can make in perception

Some times packaging or shipping material is overlooked in how a product is presented - but it shouldn't be. The small details are absolutely important - they might not be the end all, be all, but they do make a difference in the customer experience and brand experience.

Learn about how a simple envelope dampened an otherwise stellar product experience as Laurel of MMC shares a recent experience in the latest blog post.

The Power of a Thank You (Part 1)

Communications are a very powerful thing - when used well. And a thank-you - especially a handwritten one - today has the power to make the recipient stop and take notice, and say 'wow'. Read our latest blog post for ideas on how to make this work for your business (and personal life too!).

Social Media to Promote a Cause: A girl in a hospital, with the dream of a band visit for inspiration

Social media is a huge way to help promote a cause. MMC just learned about one girl's goal to meet a popular band - we'll know in coming days if the social media prowess of many is enough to encourage some special visitors to come to the Madison Children's Hospital.