How We Do It

We work collaboratively with our clients, as your ideas, history and goals need to be integrated into the output and the work that is implemented.

Our clients have skills and resources that need to be a part of the process, and we in turn compliment the input that our clients bring, and work to raise the marketing strategy to a higher level.

We share our expertise and our knowledge so that the our input, combined with your input, adds up to more than the sum of the two individual entities.

And to provide a bit more insight into the steps we take, we will share these 3 broad strokes with you:

Understand your goals and objectives, and review existing data. If needed, we may suggest some research to get a clear picture of the baseline from where we will start our work. 
We need ensure we outline your goals and plans for the future, and then we go from there.  We must know who your target customers are, and the state of the marketplace (what do customers want, need, expect?).  We check in on who the competitors are and what they are doing.
Ensure the branding, messaging, and positioning is fitting, and begin to develop the marketing strategy. 
All these elements must show how you are different, unique, and better than others who are your direct and indirect competitors. We also now determine the best ways that will help you reach your target need to go where they are - you cannot expect them to come to you. We use our insight to figure out ways to get the best bang for your marketing dollars.
Continue to develop the strategy (it is an on-going process, and is never set in stone!) and bring the best marketing tactics forward.  
This is where the rubber hits the road, and the communication tools we have determined will give you the best investment (we at MMC do know what an ROI is, rest assured) get developed and executed.  You may have a team in place to do this, or MMC is there to help out as needed.  Importantly, we  test and measure these marketing tactics to ensure they are supporting your business goals.